A couple of days ago, I was pleasantly surprised to suddenly see a tweet come in from Viktor Farcic. Viktor now works at upbound.io who developed Crossplane, and he also runs his own popular YouTube channel and co-hosts DevOps Paradox podcast. He’s well respected in the cloud native community.

When I saw the tweet and noticed that Viktor had recorded a review of Civo on YouTube, I was just hoping he was kind to us...and I am pleased to say he was!

My favourite quote being:

“Civo focused on simplicity and they nailed it. This is the simplest, fastest Kubernetes cluster you can create and potentially the cheapest one as well”

The review was great and Viktor gave a very honest account of where Civo is today, highlighting our strengths and also a couple of areas we need to improve. His comments were very fair and thankfully the areas for improvement don’t require much work.

For those of you who may not know, we launched Civo into an early access phase at KubeCon Europe in May. Prior to this we were in beta for nearly 2 years, with over 4,000 testers from over 130 different countries.

During the beta, we were able to collect a huge amount of feedback from our testers and our team worked hard to implement all the suggestions and feature requests we received before we launched.

One of our key objectives at Civo is to create the very best developer experience of any cloud provider, we believe simplicity is the key to this. After all our mission is:

“To help simplify Kubernetes and make it more accessible for developers of all levels.”

It was great that Viktor recognised our efforts to make things incredibly simple for our users. The beta feedback we received showed that even if you're a more advanced user, speed and simplicity is still very much appreciated. After all, productivity is key for companies when it comes to software development and our own research has shown that complexity is the main contributor to slower adoption of Kubernetes by many companies.

Our team of developers and engineers also worked extremely hard to build an eco-system around Civo that provides developers with the best tooling and quick access to the latest applications. Again, this is very much focused on improving productivity and it was therefore great to see that Viktor recognised our efforts here, where he mentioned:

“I am pleasantly surprised how fast Civo is adding support for the eco-system in general. Creating and managing clusters is a good example, you can do it through the Web UI, CLI, but it supports also Terraform, Pulumi and it is about to get support for my favourite Crossplane”

Overall, I was really happy to see this review and it very much endorses many of the reasons why we founded Civo. It’s also fantastic to see our team's efforts recognised, especially by someone who has great experience and credibility in the cloud native community.