If you plan on submitting a talk for Civo Navigate Europe 2023, you have until June 7th! You can learn more about the best practices for submitting a successful CFP and increasing your chances of acceptance by clicking here.

Otherwise, catch up with some of the main stage talks from Civo Navigate NA 2023 here.

New from Civo this month

Deploy Kubernetes Dashboard through Civo Marketplace

Discover how the Kubernetes Dashboard on Civo Marketplace simplifies tasks like scaling, rolling updates, and deploying new applications, making Kubernetes management more efficient.

Level up your development with DevPod: Open-source tool

Explore the capabilities of DevPod, an open-source tool designed to create reproducible developer environments. With DevPod, you can choose your infrastructure and enhance your coding efficiency, providing a flexible solution for your development needs.

Creating a Kubernetes Operator with Kubebuilder

Gain insights into the fundamentals of building a Kubernetes operator using Kubebuilder. This tutorial will cover key concepts such as eventual consistency and the lifecycle of an operator, providing a solid foundation for creating efficient and robust operators in Kubernetes.

Chaos Engineering 2023 with Chaos Mesh

At KubeCon EU 2023, Saiyam Pathak spoke about how to revolutionize chaos engineering for Kubernetes with Chaos Mesh. The talk provides demonstrations, insightful tips, and practical advice specifically tailored for architects working with cloud-native architectures.

Mastering Kubernetes Networking with Cilium

Delve into the potential of Cilium and learn how it helps to manage networking, bolster security measures, and provides in-depth insights into the behavior of your Kubernetes infrastructure.

See you at Civo Navigate EU 2023!

Join us on September 5th and 6th, 2023, in London, England, to learn about better leveraging technologies and driving innovation.

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