On a Friday evening, I was given the crazy idea of doing a meetup in the Delhi NCR region to help connect people in the cloud native scene. I came up with the idea of the "All things cloud native meetup by Civo" where we would discuss different concepts in the cloud native space such as the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), Kubernetes (k8s), and WebAssembly (WASM).

With only a two day turnaround until the event was due to take place, OpsTree Solutions and Simpplr had agreed to be the sponsors for this event. I had posted about the event on social media and received almost 400 registrations with people willing to travel 300km from locations such as Patna, and Jaipur.

Meet the speakers

At the meetup, myself, Shivay Lamba and Abhinav Dubey gave talks on a range of topics surrounding cloud native. These talks consisted of:

An introduction to Civo Kubernetes and the CNCF

In this talk, I spoke about Civo’s journey and how applications were deployed. This went into more detail about the future of Virtual Machines (VMs) and microservices, including how containers boomed the industry with its power. I then went on to talk about how Kubernetes came to be with an introduction to CNCF and different terminologies used (projects, TOC, cards, etc.)

After talking about the basics of Kubernetes and CNCF, I discussed Civo Kubernetes, which is a managed Kubernetes offering by Civo. From this, I gave a demo on cluster creation and deploying nginx containers to it, showcasing how easy it is to work with Civo Kubernetes.

An introduction to cloud native webassembly

This talk by Shivay Lamba covered the Cloud Native WebAssembly landscape including an introduction to WebAssembly, the WASM format, and examples of running a WASM-based application in a frontend application on the browser. Then, the talk covered the WebAssembly ecosystem, including details about the state of WebAssembly in 2022.

Next, the talk moved specifically to the list of incubated projects containing WASM in the Cloud Native landscape. This section contained WASI, WebAssembly Runtimes, WebAssembly Platforms such as Fermyon, Suborbital etc, and WASM compilers. Shivay was able to conclude the talk by sharing how WASM Containers are more effective than Docker-based containers, especially for edge-based applications.

Kubernetes dashboard for helm

In this talk Abhinav Dubey from Devtron talked about Kubernetes Dashboard for Helm. This talk covered the basics surrounding what Helm is, why we need it, and challenges faced by Helm users. Abhinav went on to speak about how Devtron, an open source Kubernetes Dashboard can easily solve the challenges addressed.

Until next time

The all things cloud native meetup by Civo demonstrated the power of the cloud native community as we welcomed over 100 people on the day of the event. A special thanks to OpsTree Solutions, Simpplr, Shivay Lamba and Abhinav Dubey for making this event possible.

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