Our CEO Mark Boost had his very own article posted on the Global Banking and Finance Review site on why it's important to keep London Moving forward and why a connected city is good news for tech. Throughout the article, he explains the multitude of ways this helps the world and from experience with the multiple tech startups Boost has founded.

“For tech start-ups like mine, good transportation links are crucial. They allow us to draw talent from across the metro area, and they help us connect with partners and customers. With London’s extensive tube and rail network, it’s easy for me to arrange meetings and events across the city. I can visit investors in the financial district, meet developers in tech hubs like Shoreditch, and connect with universities doing cutting-edge research.”

Boost went on to explain how the new Elizabeth line is a great example of investment and, specifically, how it connects key economic hubs to and from each other, like the city, Canary Wharf, and Heathrow Airport. The line continues to interchange at stations such as Paddington, Liverpool Street, and Whitechapel, enabling easy access to bright entrepreneurs within their respective tech clusters. Now we’re not saying the use of the word cluster was purposeful, but we like to think Boost inserted a playful pun considering Civo launches the fastest Kubernetes Clusters in the world …

“For an event like the upcoming Civo Navigate Europe conference, the Elizabeth Line will allow attendees from around the world to access the venue with ease. Visitors can take the line directly from Heathrow to Farringdon station in just 26 minutes. This convenience makes London a highly attractive location for international tech conferences and exhibitions that attract investment and talent.”

Boost likes to give back to the community and get involved in in-person events as well. He regularly books time in his calendar to speak to up-and-coming tech newcomers from around the world. Even though he loves the remote ability to speak to those unable to do so in person, he strongly believes nothing can replace the energy of people gathering and having face-to-face interactions from conferences (such as Civo Navigate), meetups (such as Disruptive Tech), and hackathons just to name a few.

These events allow a diverse group of people to come together, regardless of backgrounds and expertise, to discuss, share ideas, network, or maybe even just make some new friends. There is a theory of Proximity, and having a critical mass of companies all around each other in clusters only helps accelerate growth and move the industry forward.

“For start-ups, events provide opportunities to attract investment, find partners, and build brand awareness. The casual conversations in hallways and after-parties often lead to breakthroughs. For the tech ecosystem as a whole, in-person events build relationships, spread knowledge, and cultivate the sense of community vital for the industry to thrive.”

As he comes to the end of his article, he shares why the future is bright for the London Tech Scene as he discusses the great start with the Elizabeth Line however, more can still be done to maintain a good trajectory as more infrastructure upgrades are needed so we don't fall behind and cement ourselves for plenty of years to come as Europe’s premier tech hub.

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