The Digital Life’s Christian Lempa reviewed Civo’s Kubernetes platform, focusing on the speed, features, and fair pricing model offered by the service.

" thing that really stands out is how fast they are. They [Civo] give you a production-ready Kubernetes cluster in seconds and this is because they are optimising K3s... a very lightweight version of Kubernetes and highly optimised."

Christian elaborates upon the pricey nature of hyper-scale cloud providers and how Civo fulfils the role of a cost-effective alternative.

"You could just use any of those bigger cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon's AWS, or Google's Cloud and run a Kubernetes cluster there as well but you can also see that they are much more pricier than Civo."

The review also focuses on the simplicity of Civo's interface and how its fast cluster launch times help developers accelerate development cycles.

"I just like how simple and quick Kubernetes deployments work on Civo. They are just incredibly fast. And because I often need to test and try on new software or deployments when I research some of my videos, I just need a provider that can get me a Kubernetes cluster or a compute engine up and running as fast as possible."

From the community perspective, he talks about Civo's support team and how our Slack channel has been of help to solve urgent queries.

"...what got me most excited about it was the support in the community. Usually when I had a problem and raised a question it probably just took a few minutes for someone to reply and even solve my problem."

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