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IT Pro examined the "Kubernetes State of Play 2022" report by Civo, which surveyed 1,000 cloud developers on their usage of Kubernetes, the difficulties they were facing, and the potential future applications of the technology.

Half of the developers surveyed have seen an increase in year-on-year spending on Kubernetes clusters, with the majority seeing an increase of up to 25%. This reflects the crucial role that Kubernetes and broader cloud technologies play for businesses as they look to scale operations and optimize business functions.

“For users, the emphasis needs to be on carefully managing their cloud spend, taking steps like optimizing workloads, monitoring usage, and carefully tracking billing each month,” CEO of Civo Mark Boost explained.

In 2021 and 2022, there was a significant increase (68% in 2021 and 72% in 2022) in the number of developers using the "Big Three" cloud providers. The rising prices imposed by these companies are having a significant impact on users' bottom lines.

“Hyperscalers have been employing opaque billing practices and offering an increasingly complex range of services in recent years, all whilst they continue to hit record profits,” explained Boost.

Cloud providers should simplify their services and offer a fast service at fair and transparent prices. They should also manage their cloud spend by optimizing workloads, monitoring usage, and keeping track of billing every month.

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