Civo in Business weekly

Business weekly, the UK online and print publication on our new UK Kubernetes region hosted at the Kao Data Centre in Harlow, UK.

"Tucked away in a corner of Harlow’s bleeding edge Kao Data campus, you’ll find Civo which – despite only launching in May – is already set to become one of the UK’s primary Kubernetes providers aimed at startups and small to mid-size technology companies.

The piece also features an interview with our CEO and founder Mark Boost, who goes into detail about the history of Civo, why Kubernetes, and what Civo is trying to achieve in the cloud hosting sector.

"We were three years in development and two years in beta with 4000 users from over 120 countries round the globe testing our platform and giving us feedback before we went to market.”
"Kubernetes makes software development easier, better and faster, enabling enhanced developer productivity and ultimately helping companies grow faster."

Mark goes on to highlight the community focus we have at Civo and how we want the business to be a force for good in the sector, as it continues to grow

“We have built a whole community ecosystem around our product with its own slack channel where clients can discuss with other users and make suggestions about features they want us to develop and build in."
“But more than that, I want to use Civo to be that good corporate citizen so that we can grow ethically and together as a team. I’ve given shares to all of our founding staff, who have helped us get to the launch point, bridged the disparity between executive level pay and everyone else and, as CEO, made a commitment to staff never to draw a salary from this business."