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ZDNet recently covered Civo’s adoption of the four-day work week and the benefits of this change. Mark Boost, CEO of Civo outlined how this has helped employees attain a better work-life balance by saying:

“Staff unanimously embraced the move, which has not only boosted the collective wellbeing of the company but has also proved key in supporting both continued retention and attraction of new staff.”

The adoption of the four-day week followed Civo's trial of a 37.5 hour week focused on allowing employees additional time to themselves. This shift came prior to the UK’s largest four-day week trial set to run from June to December 2022 with 3,000 employees from 60 different companies.

“Teams are more engaged and motivated, and crucially, from a business perspective, we have seen no drop in the quality of work.” said Mark Boost, CEO of Civo.

This article goes on to explore the ways in which a shorter week can solve some of the workforce’s biggest challenges such as sustainable operations, quality of work and the wellbeing of workers.

Find out more about what Civo’s CEO, Mark Boost, had to say here.