As Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) continue to transform the business landscape, a recent Forbes article has focused on the significant strides made by Civo in this domain. Whilst businesses seek to harness the power of AI and ML for enhanced efficiency and innovation, understanding the role of these technologies in automating and optimizing operations has become crucial.

Josh Mesout, Chief Innovation Officer at Civo, emphasized the critical starting point in AI implementation:

“In any conversation about AI, it begins with the use case. How is the business using AI across its operations, what is working, what is not? Often this will focus on the skills that a business has available internally to make the most of AI. For lasting success, employees need to understand AI’s value - and crucially - be ready to work with it in a workplace where some workflows are automated... and some are not,”

Mesout's insights highlight the importance of understanding AI's role and its practical applications in business before diving into solution development. He further explored how collaborative processes between organizations and IT vendors should be tailoring solutions to specific requirements.

Addressing the broader industry trend towards accessible AI and ML solutions, Mesout pointed out a significant shift in organizational needs.

“Organizations of all sizes are increasingly after AI and ML solutions that are simple to leverage, but offer powerful capabilities. Spending hours configuring and supporting infrastructure for minutes’ worth of insights is not feasible for many - and neither is spending months on a training programme to only use one ML service,”

This observation is crucial in understanding the market's movement towards more user-friendly, yet potent, AI and ML tools. Civo's research, indicating that 48% of developers find ML projects too time-consuming, reflects a critical gap in the current market offerings. Addressing this, Mesout highlighted Civo's focus on developing solutions that are both efficient and easy to use.

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