In a recent statement from Ofcom, a communications regulator based in the UK, they announced that they will be conducting a market study to examine the position of the big three cloud providers. This aims to determine the strength of competition in cloud services as well as ensuring that the communications market is working well for consumers and businesses.

From this, Mark Boost, CEO of Civo, penned his thoughts on the upcoming study in a recent article featured in the Financial Times. Operating as one of the world’s leading news organizations, the Financial Times is a source of essential information across the tech industry.

“I hope Ofcom will be able to take us to a more competitive and diversified cloud market. We cannot go on with a situation where so much in the tech sector is reliant on just a handful of companies. This creates an unsustainable situation where should the worst happen and one of these providers has a system failure, it could severely impact businesses and consumers alike, having a knock on effect to the world economy.”

Our research surrounding the complexity of cloud costs for business and alternatives beyond the hyperscalers determined that 37% of software developers using the big three have been stung by unexpected costs in over the past 12 months. Mark summarizes how the mindset of users is changing to favor a less complex service.

“Today’s developers don’t want complexity. They want a service that can act as a platform for innovation, allowing them to move quickly to match today’s fast-paced digital economy.”

Civo in the Financial Times

We operate in a time where providers should be getting judged “on things like transparent pricing, customer service and performance”. Despite this, Civo continues to be driven by our community with upfront and predictable pricing, allowing for a more transparent approach. To read more about the Financial Times’ article and words from our CEO Mark Boost, visit the online version (paywalled) by clicking here.