At Civo Navigate North America 2024 in Austin, Texas, the CEO of Civo, Mark Boost, held a keynote session whereby he discussed the results from our recent research on the cost of cloud. This research delved into the results from over 500 tech professionals using the hyperscalers. The content of this session was outlined by VMBlog in their recent article whereby they looked into how costs have risen by up to 25% for the majority of hyperscaler users.

During this session, Mark Boost spoke about the future of the cloud and how we should be shifting our focus in the future to surround “fairness, transparency, and the customer's experience at every turn”:

“But it doesn't have to be this way. The tech sector still has time to take a different, more responsible path. Our focus should be on fairness, transparency, and the customer's experience at every turn - not the shareholders' bottom line. Cloud should be about empowering IT teams to experiment and innovate using the technology, finding the services they need, and paying a fair price for them. With this new approach, the cloud can become what it always had the potential to be: an incredible engine of equity in technology, leveling the playing field and ensuring anyone can access cutting-edge tech to innovate and build a successful business. I firmly believe that the future of the tech sector must be about fairness and social responsibility, giving back to users and building a better world for future generations." 

You can watch the full keynote session from Mark Boost here:

If you want to read more about this research, check out the article from VMBlog here.