OpenCP, from Civo, is an open source solution designed to make provisioning deployments across multiple provider endpoints dramatically less difficult by leveraging existing knowledge and practice within the Kubernetes ecosystem. It streamlines the learning curve by simplifying the setup and configuration of existing tools, enabling businesses to quickly onboard and train new team members.

ERP covered this release and spoke with CTO Dinesh Majrekar and CEO Mark Boost about the launch of OpenCP and “how its approach to cloud management technologies and tools has been augmented with this new development.”

“We are proud today to launch OpenCP to the tech community at Civo Navigate,” said Dinesh Majrekar, CTO of Civo. “[Today, we know that] kubectl is a much-loved tool and there are already a number of extensions available for it. However, OpenCP is designed to supercharge the tool, giving it the ability to control far more than just Kubernetes through a standardized and well-documented interface.”

OpenCP being announced at Civo Navigate by Dinesh and Saiyam

By streamlining the learning process, OpenCP leverages existing knowledge and practices within the Kubernetes ecosystem and simplifies the provisioning process across multiple provider endpoints. This was created with the aim of “writing a new chapter for Kubernetes,” which will have a wider adoption over time.

“The launch of OpenCP represents our continued commitment to putting the needs of developers first. We believe that the industry has for too long failed developers, pursuing siloed efforts to build up tools and functionality in their own isolated ecosystem rather than thinking about what’s best for their users,” said Mark Boost, CEO of Civo.

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You can access more information about OpenCP in this GitHub Repository.