Techzine created a live show report of some of the stuff going on at Civo Navigate. The attendees of Civo Navigate were welcomed by the CEO of Civo, Mark Boost, with an introduction before progressing to the Keynote speaker, who just so happened to be Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. He discussed multiple topics, such as his childhood, passion for technology, and where the ability to creatively invent came from.

“I like following unusual people that do unusual things in life,” said Wozniak, when recounting his story about how he used to create chequebooks composed of sequential two-dollar bills which he would order specially. “It’s one of those funny things, if you tip a taxi driver using only two-dollar bills, they always remember you.”

The first launch event for Civo Navigate also brought first looks at multiple new products Civo is working on. This includes Civo ML, Civo Platform, Civo Database, OpenCP, Talos Linux Integration, and Edge computing!

“We’re a very open and transparent company and we believe in open source from the start,” said CEO Mark Boost in his opening keynote. “This event sees us announce a whole range of new technologies including a new Machine Learning (ML) service. The open heritage that we are built on really does stand up as one of the key differentiators for us a company… also, we are particularly differentiated by the speed of time our cloud service spins up at, a speed we measure in seconds – rather than the perhaps 30 minutes that a customer might experience with the [usual suspect big three] hyperscaler cloud providers.”

Techzine also dropped information regarding Civo’s work with Intel on Intel SGX technology and from CNCF, click here to learn more.