The New Stack released an article breaking down the announcement of the new Civo Machine Learning called Kubeflow-as-a-Service, which aims to simplify the machine learning infrastructure so that smaller companies can also take advantage of the technology while improving the efficiency of the ML projects.

“The common misconception — I have strong and long arguments with people on this — is that machine learning doesn’t end up in the cloud,” Josh Mesout said. “It ends up on-premise … The reason for that is that clouds’ elastic type of workload is great for service modeling, but if you’re going to scale your machine learning to the point where you’ve got 100,000 people putting it out there, you probably never get it done.”

An Anaconda survey referenced by Mesout discovered the security concerns when it comes to ML and data. Companies also prefer open-source tooling to avoid vendor lock-in complications, which Civo offers.

Civo is working with to ensure their security is up to scratch and looking to utilize their product to offer savings by up to 20% compared to the typical ML projects due to the unique approach to ML via the cloud.

“As a cloud native company, we love the concept of Kubernetes to overcome that,” he said. “We’ve looked a lot of different ways when we’re trying to solve a problem and we think backing open source, instead of fighting against it and building closed source proprietary tool ecosystem, is the solution.”

Civo got to show off another new product, Civo Platform, a PaaS, which includes a Software Bill of Materials tool that users can take advantage of to create a verified record of all components in the software.

To combat one of the problems with a PaaS, such as when a project grows to the point it is unable to stay on the platform to continue development, Civo will support switching the projects to the fully managed kubernetes service with one click. This would therefore remove the quite frankly annoying process of finding another service to move the project over to and the actual heavy lifting of transferring it to said service.

“Civo announced its new Civo Platform, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering that purports to address that need. The platform offers developers an “affordable, flexible and scalable framework for running and developing applications in the cloud,” the company stated in a press release. Each managed Civo platform application is deployed to its own Kubernetes cluster, Majrekar said.”

The Edge is a really exciting place for Civo with CivoStack and Edge Manage. Edge Manage intends to be a cloud-based solution that can be managed on-site devices that are a part of the Internet of Things.

“Civo also announced a new on-premise option called CivoStack at the Edge. It will be shipped to end-user companies for on-premise use and will incorporate security, be available in multiple sizes and provide automated atomic backups, which means it will continue a backup if not successful the first time. It uses Role Based Access Control (RBAC) based APIs for access, and the same hardware and the simplicity of Civo’s public cloud, Majrekar added.”

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