Tech Republic reported on the new products from Civo that were announced at the newly launched Civo Navigate, a cloud native tech conference that debuted in Tampa. These new products are all made to make Kubernetes implementation easier, which we have already seen with existing products from Civo.

“Our customers use Kubernetes everywhere: From OpenShift running on-premises to multi-cluster and cross-cloud setups on AWS, Google Cloud and Azure,” said Natan Yellin, CEO and co-founder of, a Kubernetes observability software vendor that lists the Hubble Space Telescope among its user base. “In all those environments, I’ve never seen a Kubernetes cluster ‘spin-up’ and then start operating as fast as Civo.”

The new CIO of Civo, Josh Mesout, discussed Edge's importance when maximizing performance, especially when latency and security are of the utmost importance. Using banks and the stock exchanges as an analogy for this argument, Mesout explains that complex problems benefit from colocation or close proximity, such as large data processing between banks and stock exchanges.

By presenting the importance of close proximity, it self-projects how beneficial Edge can be when implemented correctly, such as Civo Edge, which can be shipped to companies to be used on-premise as a solution to the above complexities.

Civo private server rack at Civo Navigate

“Edge computing is all about providing new flexible pathways to cloud adoption, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud,” said Josh Mesout, chief innovation officer at Civo. “To many, it’s already clear the benefits of having the point of processing closer to the data storage, helping to reduce latency and providing better security.”

Mesout was also on stage with another new product from Civo, Kubeflow-as-a-Service, a fully managed development platform to use Civo Compute to scale machine learning and AI efforts.

The timing of this release could capitalize on the momentum created by the newly released AI chatbots such as ChatGPT and Bing’s Chatbot, but Civo is not looking to limit this to just the bigger players being able to take advantage of this technology.

“Technological landscapes, either cloud or ML, ultimately evolve when they are democratized and are easily accessible to all,” Mesout said. “We hope to provide every developer looking to use ML with the platform they require to capitalize on its benefits, and in turn, drive the technology forward.”

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