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Our CEO Mark Boost recently spoke with Tim Anderson on behalf of The Register for an in-depth interview about the cloud hosting industry, including the topics of complexity and cost.

The article begins with Mark explaining that there is a longstanding notion that the big three hyperscaler providers are cost-effective.

"They're [hyperscalers] more expensive than a lot of other providers out there... the phrase cloud repatriation was coined four or five years ago, where people realise that running physical tin is a lot more cost-effective."

He then goes on to highlight the more recent phenomenon of consultancy firms being set up purely to help consumers understand their own AWS bills.

"I find it a really weird concept that there's companies that just do consultancy around how to understand your AWS bill and how to reduce your spend."

Towards the end of the piece Mark explains how Civo's recent launch into "general availability" is the time to demonstrate that there are viable alternatives to the monopoly of the big three provides.

"The general availability of Civo Kubernetes is a chance to take a little bit of business away from hyperscalers, to demonstrate that there's alternatives that offer enterprise functionality at a good price."

You can read the full interview here.