What are learn guides

Our learn guides are simply a collection of articles that aim to help members of the Civo community use the platform more easily. We have guides describing how to use particular Civo features, describing how to complete tricky processes with Civo, and others still providing helpful information on cloud issues in general.

Any knowledge or experience that isn’t already covered (and that you think might be helpful to others) would make a great topic for a learn guide. Learn guides submitted by our members will be reviewed by our administrators and, subject to any changes we feel appropriate, published on our site. We'll use your name and your Twitter username (if you've set it in your profile) to give you credit.

How to create a learn guide

Click 'Learn' under the Content section of the sidebar

This resulting page displays a private list of your own learn guides. Feel free to create and delete as many guides here as you like. Guides created here will remain private and visible only to you until submitted for publishing. This is a valid use of the system, if you wish to build up your own library of helpful guides for your own private use.

Click 'Create Guide' at the top of the page

The resulting form is where you enter the content of you learn guide. The 'snippet' will not appear in the guide itself, but is a short description of the guide provided to users on certain pages. The main body of the guide should be written using Markdown. We suggest breaking your content up with ## subheadings to make it more readable.

Complete content and click 'Save'

Your draft learn guide has been saved but remains private. You may continue to make changes to this guide by clicking the 'edit' button, or view the guide by clicking 'view'.

Click 'Submit for publishing'

Once submitted, the learn guide will be made available for review by Civo's administrators. Any significant changes required will likely to be communicated to you, so that you may update the guide yourself, however we reserve the right to change the guide before publication as an official guide. Please be aware that you give us a irrevocable licence to use the content, amending it as we see fit, provided we give you credit.

Once we're happy, administrators will publish the learn guide for general consumption. The final published version remains separate from the version saved in your own learn guide list, and it's important to note that even if you delete your own version, the published version will remain.

Can I update my learn guide after it is published?

Of course. We recognise that things change and updates my be required. Even after publishing you can continue to edit your guide in the normal way, but you will need to resubmit the guide for publishing.