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Scaling a Kubernetes cluster's nodes


You can scale the number of nodes in a cluster's node pool up or down without having to define new node pools. If you scale the number of nodes up, they will have the same specifications and labels as existing nodes in that pool.


On a running cluster, you can scale each node pool of the cluster separately. You will find the scale button next to each node pool you are running:

Node pools information

When you click Scale Up/Down, you will be shown a page allowing you to specify the number of nodes, along with being shown the change to the cluster's billing that results:

Node pool scale slider page

Once you click "scale pool" you will be taken to the cluster information page and see the new amount of nodes:

Added nodes

If you scaled the node pool up, these nodes will take a minute or so to become available. If you scaled the pool down, the nodes are deleted immediately.