If you're interested in learning about cloud-native open-source technologies, join us for KubeCrash on March 29-30 2023. Best of all, it's completely free! You'll get to hear from the maintainers of CNCF and other open-source projects and industry experts.

We have partnered with Buoyant, Cockroach Labs, Fairwinds, and Jetstack to bring you the KubeCon Detroit warm-up event!

KubeCrash: The KubeCon Amsterdam Warm-Up banner

KubeCrash Schedule

This packed two-day schedule features talks from Ricardo Torres, Viviane Costa, and Christopher Voss. Alongside these speakers, Josh Mesout, Chief Innovation Officer at Civo, will discuss how Civo uses cloud-native technology to reduce the cost of machine learning. Through this talk, he will explore ways to lower the barrier of entry and create more accessible scaling entry points using cloud-native technology.

Other talks that you can expect from KubeCrash include:

  • Cloud Native Zero Trust: Multiple Projects, One Goal: Edidiong Asikpo, Ambassador Labs, Developer Advocate

  • Securing the Front Door: Configuring TLS in Emissary-ingress with cert-manager: Dave Sudia, Senior Developer Advocate, Ambassador Labs

  • The Well-Tempered Mesh: Linkerd, Zero Trust, and the Application: Alex Leong, Linkerd maintainer, Buoyant

  • Generating and Distributing Trusted Certificates Using Cert-manager and Trust-manager: Tim Ramlot, cert-manager maintainer, Jetstack

  • Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Applications: Jake Moshenko, Co-Founder and CEO, AuthZed

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