Over the past few months, we have been conducting research with our community to reveal further insights into the progression from DevOps to platform engineering and how this shapes the future of software development and operations.

To find out what's next for DevOps and platform engineering, check out our full research here.

New from Civo this month

Cloud Expenditure - A Storm is Brewing

The blog explores escalating cloud costs with a focus on Kubernetes wastage, outlining cost management challenges while suggesting visibility, intelligence, and automation as potential solutions.

By William Bush

Progressive Delivery of Applications on Kubernetes with Argo Rollouts and Argo CD

Discover how to effectively manage changes, minimize risk, and maintain application uptime by exploring Progressive Delivery on Kubernetes with Argo Rollouts and Argo CD.

By Avik Kundu

Installing FerretDB through Civo Marketplace

Explore the ease of installing and utilizing FerretDB, a MongoDB alternative, through the Civo Marketplace while discovering its features, benefits, and effective utilization.

By Aakash Nagpal

Validating K8s configuration files to prevent misconfiguration

Delve into the significance of validating Kubernetes configuration files to avoid common pitfalls and explore our practical demonstration of how to do all this using Civo's managed Kubernetes service.

By Tania Duggal

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Civo in the news

Financial Times: Open source is a better model for AI than Google’s cloud provider

The Financial Times featured words from Civo’s Chief Innovation Officer Josh Mesout in their release surrounding the need for a developer-first community in the AI industry.

Datacentre Solutions: Making machine learning successful through improved access

Civo Chief Innovation Officer Josh Mesout highlights the challenges and complexities of deploying machine learning (ML) projects for Datacentre Solutions and the significance of open source tools.

VMBlog: 65% believe that Platform Engineering is the next evolution of DevOps

VMBlog published an article surrounding our recent study on the evolution of platform engineering and DevOps, including the next steps we will see within the industry.

Community thoughts

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