This is a guest post by Laszlo Fogas, founder of

Hey Civo users, at Gimlet, we think that best practices in the Kubernetes ecosystem have solidified so much, that they can be packaged into tools, so that you don't have to make nuanced decisions every corner. This is what we have been doing with our CLI tools, and nowdays doing with the Gimlet Dashboard!

We have been following Civo for over a year now and see how much the Gimlet team shares the Civo community's spirit. The eagerness to learn, share, and to build not overcomplicated stuff is very much part of Gimlet too.

We have two things to announce today

We have been busy integrating Gimlet CLI, Gimlet Stack and Gimletd under one roof, a roof that is Gimlet Dashboard.

From now on

  • you can bootstrap and manage gitops environments from the Gimlet Dashboard
  • you can install and configure infrastructure components like Prometheus, Grafana and the Ngingx Ingress Controller from the dashboard
  • plus you can configure your own applications for deployment from the Gimlet Dashboard

To learn all that is required to build a developer platform on Kubernetes and Civo we are launching two learning materials.

Launching the "Build & Run your Developer Platform on Kubernetes" ebook

In this ebook you are going to learn about what a developer platform is, how it comes into existence, when to start building one, and what characteristics are important.

You will learn about:

  • deployment automation
  • and platform features

Half of the book is generally applicable with off-the-shelf cloud native tools:

  • Ingress Nginx
  • Cert-Manager
  • Prometheus
  • Grafana
  • Loki
  • Tempo
  • Sealed Secrets
  • External Secrets
  • Kyverno
  • Linkerd
  • OAuth2 Proxy

The other half is Gimlet.

Jump right in:

Launching a video tutorial series

If you are into video tutorials, we are starting up a new series tailored for Civo users to build a developer platform.

The first episode is already out at!


We hope that you will get more productive and successfull with the platform that you will build on Civo.

The Gimlet team