We are excited to launch the "Developer advocate demo program" where you can get free credit and support from the Civo team for your talks, demos and tutorials.

Take your demos to the next level with 90 sec cluster launch times, assistance from our team for your live events, and more!

What we offer

Need to get a cluster up and running from scratch at a live demo? We got you! Power your demos for free with Civo's super-fast 90-second cluster launch times and work with the Civo team to reach new developers for your organization. Here are some of the benefits of the program:

  • Host your demos for free with $1,000 free Civo credit
  • Support from our team for your live events and demos
  • Access to our private developer advocate Slack channel
  • Co-marketing opportunities to reach the Civo community
  • Get your hands on exclusive developer advocate SWAG
  • Add your application to the Civo Marketplace (if applicable)

What we expect in return

Whilst we do not expect you to promote Civo at all times within your talks, demos and tutorials, for the benefit of the program we encourage you to do so where you feel it’s relevant for your audience. Examples being:

  • Display the “Demo hosted by Civo” logo on your slides.
  • Mention the use of Civo in your talk or tutorial.
  • Highlight Civo features and benefits.
  • Promote on social media about Civo supporting your demos.
  • Share your feedback with the Civo team to help improve our developer experience.
  • List Civo on the closing slide (including link to website).

NOTE: This represents just some of the ways you can help promote Civo in your day-to-day developer advocacy. However, these are not firm prerequisites to be part of the program - above all we’re looking to collaborate with people who love Civo and are happy to spread the word consistently in any way.

How to apply

Head over to Developer advocate demo program and submit your request by filling out the form given at the end. You need to ensure you have a live Civo account set-up. Sign-up for free at civo.com!