Last month Mark Boost, CEO at Civo, Kunal Kushwaha, DevRel Manager at Civo, and Matthew Sprague from took to the stage to speak about all things cloud native. During this in-person meetup, we discussed a range of topics, such as picking the right cloud provider, developer empathy, and business security.

In case you missed all the action from our Cloud Native Community Meetup in Florida, we have compiled the key takeaways from each talk throughout this blog post.

Picking a cloud provider

Mark Boost, CEO at Civo, kicked off the event by discussing how to pick a cloud provider. This talk began by outlining the wide variety of potential cloud providers such as Civo, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. In a recent survey Civo conducted, we discovered that whilst the big 3 make up 65% of the market share, 34% of those surveyed feel locked into their cloud provider, and 65% believe it is too expensive to leave.

Despite these preconceived beliefs, Mark went on to explain how, when evaluating smaller providers, they allow you to save money, reduce complexity, and improve performance. Mark summarised this talk by discussing the concept of multi-cloud and how users can get a verified workload, meet department needs, and manage costs better by utilizing multiple cloud providers.

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Developer empathy is your superpower

Kunal Kushwaha, DevRel Manager at Civo, spoke about how to make developer empathy your superpower by describing empathy as a way of “seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another”. Kunal took us through how developer empathy can help you code well, understand requirements and build efficient teams.

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Security talk

In the final talk of the day, Matt Sprague, Sales Manager at, outlined why businesses struggle to get the basics right when looking at cyber security. Matt provided an overview of how users can take control of their cyber by being aware of the current threat landscape and how each of these threats can impact your organization’s security and compliance.

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Until next time

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