In September, we announced that Steve Wozniak will be joining us at Civo Navigate to discuss his time at Apple and share his thoughts on the future of technology. Grab your tickets for Civo Navigate today!

We also hosted the Cloud Native Community meetup in Florida where we had talks from Mark Boost, CEO at Civo, Kunal Kushwaha, Dev Rel Manager at Civo, and a guest speaker from speaking about security.

Latest from the blog

How Civo has contributed to open source

Earlier this year, Mark Boost, spoke with OpenUK as part of their yearly report to discover the UK’s journey with open source. Throughout this blog, we will look at how Civo has contributed to open source and what steps we plan to take going forward.

By Emma Stewart-Oram

Kubernetes questions for beginners

Whether you are applying for your dream job or simply want to learn more about Kubernetes, we have created the complete Kubernetes Q&A to get you started. Throughout this blog, we aim to provide you with the answers to the most common Kubernetes questions.

By Sayanta Banerjee

Day in the life of a Go Developer

After speaking with Alejandro J. Nuñez Madrazo and Harsh Thakur, Go Developers at Civo, we have created an insight into their journey and how you can do the same!

By Emma Stewart-Oram

Civo Tutorials

Running Kubeflow just got a whole lot easier

In the past, installing Kubeflow has been quite a tedious task. Through this tutorial, Rishit will show you how to leverage Civo marketplace to single-click deploy Kubeflow with all of its components.

By Rishit Dagli

Kubernetes Node Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana

Through this tutorial, Ehi will provide you with an understanding of using Node Exporter to monitor the nodes of your Kubernetes cluster. This will allow you to look at an overview of Prometheus Exporters and Collectors and how they help implement monitoring.

By Ehi Enabs

Automate Postgresql Backup with Velero

In this tutorial, we take a look at how we can efficiently implement a backup recovery strategy to prevent unfortunate events that can lead to data loss in the future.

By Mike Aboagye

Civo in the news

Civo offers simplicity to take on the big three cloud services providers

Redmond published an article on the current state of cloud services which includes words from Civo’s CEO, Mark Boost where he explains how Civo addresses complexity and service uptime.

SMEs can thrive at the edge

CEO of Civo, Mark Boost recently released an article with The Engineer covering how edge computing presents an opportunity for organizations to make use of their most valuable data.

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