This month we hosted the first-ever Civo Navigate in Tampa, Florida. While it's no surprise that Steve Wozniak's keynote was a standout moment, every talk, session, and workshop made the overall experience truly special.

If you want to catch up on some of our favorite moments from the event, check out these blogs:

We are excited to announce that we will be doing it all over again for Civo Navigate Europe 2023 in London! So keep an eye out for upcoming updates through our page and website.

Latest products and features

Civo Platform - [ALPHA]

Push your code with zero fuss and get to market faster with Civo Platform - our fully managed platform as a service solution (PaaS), now available in Alpha. Discover more about Civo Platform in our blog, “scaling your applications on Civo Platform, a PaaS solution.”

Civo ML - [BETA]

Our fully managed development environment allows you to leverage the scale of Civo compute for machine learning and AI projects. Find more information about Civo ML in our blog, “unlocking the potential of machine learning on the cloud.”

Talos Linux

You can now launch a cluster with Talos Linux on Civo! Talos Linux was developed to run Kubernetes consistently across all platforms, such as Edge, Cloud, Virtual, and Bare Metal. Read more about the advantages in our blog “an introduction to Talos Linux: the new Kubernetes operating system.”


OpenCP is an open source project initially developed by Civo to provide a single interface to manage infrastructure across providers using a single tool, kubectl. Alejandro JNM covered more about this in our blog, “simplify management across cloud platforms with OpenCP.”

Upcoming meetups with Civo

Disruptive Tech London: March 15 2023

Disruptive Tech London is being hosted on March 15, 2023

Join us on March 15, 2023, for the Disruptive Tech London meetup, where we will be discussing everything from DevOps, machine learning, software development, security, and emerging technologies.

Kubecrash: March 29-30, 2023

Kubecrash meetup banner

If you want to learn more about cloud native topics, sign up for KubeCrash, the virtual KubeCon warm-up! Running from March 29-30, 2023, join us as we learn directly from the maintainers of CNCF and other open source projects.

Civo in the news

Civo launches Kubeflow-as-a-Service: Inside Analysis

Inside Analysis outlined Civo’s new Machine Learning (ML) managed service, Civo ML, with words from Josh Mesout, Chief Innovation Officer at Civo.

Civo makes a PaaS: Computer Weekly

Mark Boost, CEO of Civo, discusses Civo Platform with Computer Weekly, our fully-managed PaaS solution for easy app building, launching, and scaling.

More luster in the cluster, Civo extends key Kubernetes controller: ERP

Dinesh Majrekar and Mark Boost discussed OpenCP with ERP, the open source solution designed to simplify cloud infrastructure management.

Contained excitement, Kubernetes at the edge: Tech Republic

Tech Republic released an informative article on the new major products announced at Civo Navigate, including Machine Learning and Edge computing.

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