The first-ever Civo Hackathon was hosted between the 12th and 14th November 2021. While the participants were busy developing their projects, Civo ensured that the beginners weren't left behind. Our experts hosted 4 webinars to introduce them to the Kubernetes landscape and Civo itself.

Intro to Kubernetes and Containerd

Kunal, developer advocate at Civo, and Alistair, a Civo ambassador and cloud native platform engineer, gave an introduction to containers with a hands-on demo of Kubernetes. The session explored Kubernetes architecture, some important commands, and containerisation of applications. They also introduced Containerd.

K3s vs K8s

Kai, developer advocate at Civo, shared how K3s by Rancher Labs differ from regular Kubernetes (K8s). He explained how K3s is optimised and light-weight, and delved into some common misconceptions regarding it.

Intro to Civo Platform

Anais, SRE at Civo dived into the Civo platform in this hands-on demo. This session gets you started with the Civo platform, from signing up to launching your first cluster. Anais goes on to discuss adding applications from the Civo marketplace, working with the CLI and more.

Intro to Kubernetes Monitoring

Saiyam, director at technical evangelism Civo, gave an introduction to Kubernetes monitoring for beginners. He began by introducing the pillars of observability and built up to explaining the deployment of the complete stack and continuous profiling.

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