In a couple of months, team Civo will be coming together in Austin, Texas, for Navigate North America 2024! During this two-day event, we will put some of the biggest names in tech on stage to talk everything from machine learning to Wasm.

If you missed out on any Navigate announcements, here is a recap of everything you need to know leading up to the event:

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    New from Civo this month

    Eco-Friendly GPUs with Deep Green

    At Civo, we’ve partnered with Deep Green to transform the energy footprint of cloud computing. Our collaboration ensures that your workloads run on 100% renewable energy, utilizing Deep Green's innovative, carbon-neutral data centers.

    Imagine the heat generated from your compute workloads not going to waste, but being repurposed to provide hot water for communities across the UK. This unique synergy of technology and environmental consciousness is what makes our partnership special.

    As Deep Green's exclusive cloud partner, you can now harness their advanced GPU-powered servers, aligning your cloud and machine learning workloads with sustainable practices.

    Find out more about our carbon neutral GPU-powered compute today!

    Tutorials on Istio Service Mesh

    Jubril Oyetunji released a three-part series surrounding the Istio service mesh. Throughout these tutorials, you’ll learn all about the most common use cases for service mesh and how you can implement them using Istio.

    Read the full three-part series here:

    Civo TV

    We returned to KubeCon + CNC with another installment of Civo TV, whereby Kunal Kushwaha was about to speak with a range of attendees and sponsors about some of the hottest topics from the event.

    With interviews from Matt Butcher (CEO at Fermyon), Solomon Hykes (Founder of Dagger), and Julia Furst (Global Technologist at Veeam Software), you can catch up on all our interviews in our YouTube playlist.

    Civo in the news

    CMA's AWS usage raises questions amid antitrust probe

    Computer Weekly released a report surrounding the UK Competition and Markets Authority's (CMA) forthcoming antitrust report into Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft. Mark Boost, CEO of Civo, shared his thoughts on the recent implications of this revelation in this news report.

    Civo launches Machine Learning platform to democratize AI development

    ITBrief Asia recently covered the launch of Civo’s new Machine Learning (ML) platform. Learn all about the releases of Civo Kubeflow as a Service (KFaaS), Civo Recite, and Cloud GPUs. Plus, hear from Josh Mesout, Chief Innovation Officer at Civo, about the commitment Civo has to make the entry-level of cloud both financially and intellectually as low as possible so that many people can reap the benefits in this news report.

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