We're excited to announce the launch of our new ambassador program - created to recognise the most helpful and knowledgeable Civo community members.

For me personally, as someone who isn't DevOps by trade, one of the most exciting things about Civo since we've launched is watching our community grow.

From day one we knew it would be tough to make waves in an industry dominated by massive providers with huge marketing budgets. We’ve always been community-focused and are always bowled over the feedback, contributions, and growth of our brand thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations. But to genuinely succeed as a business, you need a great product - I think we're getting very close to that now.

Community is a massive part of our plans for world domination, so it only seems right that we have way to more formally recognise and reward members of community that go the extra mile. This is where Civo ambassadors comes in.

What does an ambassador do?

The most important role of an ambassador is to help other Civo users, it's that simple. As figureheads of the Civo community, they are ready to assist and advise fellow users.

So, if you can't get hold of a member of the Civo team right away, there's a very good chance an ambassador will be along to help in no time at all. Or feel free to reach out to them via our Slack channel or social media - whatever works for you.

Ambassadors will also occasionally write educational content (learn guides) to help you get the most out of Civo products and services, as well as joining the Civo team on community meetup calls.

So what do ambassadors get out of it?

Being an ambassador is a two-way street. Ambassadors get an early look at new features and tools, as well access to our private ambassador Slack channel where they'll have an even greater influence on the direction of our roadmap.

It's only natural to assume ambassadors would end up referring even more new users to the Civo community, so they'll get a supercharged refer-a-friend reward rate. Plus, swag - high quality swag available only to ambassadors!

There's more too. For all the ins-and-outs on what it means to be a Civo Ambassador, find out more at: https://www.civo.com/ambassadors

Who are the Ambassadors?

To start the program we're launching with four ambassadors - it's an exclusive club!

These are people who have already been really helpful in the early stages of Civo and have played an important role in the community.

As Civo grows, so will the number of ambassadors - but right now it's a closed program and only those who are already collaborating with us will be considered.

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Alistair Hey

Alistair is a Cloud Native platform engineer and programmer. He is also a regular contributor to open source projects such as OpenFaaS and Inlets.


Milind Chawre

Milind is a DevOps geek who is passionate about cloud native technologies and anything related to Docker & Kubernetes. He enjoys building systems from scratch.


Jahred Love

A software engineer for over 20 years, for the last decade Jahred has worked with the Xirsys team to create Real-Time Communication (RTC) SaaS platforms, focusing on streaming audio and video.


Keith Hubner

Over 20 years’ experience in IT in both internal and customer facing roles across multiple sectors. When not rebooting stuff, Keith enjoys playing golf and the guitar.


if you're already a Civo customer you can find our ambassador team in our Slack community, easily identifiable with a little gold star besides their name.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about Civo ambassadors, or if you are keen to join the program. Our Slack channel is the best place to find me ;)