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Instance volumes

Volumes are flexible-size additional storage for instances. By creating a volume and associating it with an instance, an additional virtual disk will be made available for backups or database files that can then moved to another instance, or used as extra storage space.

Volumes take disk space on your account's quota, and can only be created up to this quota limit. For more information, see Quota.


Volumes are region and network-specific. If you create a volume in one private network, it can only be mounted and used by instances in that network.

Creating a volume on the dashboard

Navigate to the Volumes section of your account dashboard.

Dashboard page showing volume creation options

Then, click on "Create a volume":

Volume creation options

You will be able to give your volume a name, select a network if you have created any in the region, and see the pricing for your chosen size.

Click "Create". The volume will be created in your account.

You can then proceed to attach the volume to a running instance.

Preparing and using volumes in your instances

In order to format and mount a newly-created volume, or an existing one you have detached from another instance, see this guide.