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Creating a Kubeflow cluster


Civo machine learning clusters are billed hourly and count towards your account quota.


Creating a managed Kubeflow Cluster on Civo requires a few specified parameters, whether you are starting the Kubeflow cluster through the web dashboard or using one of our API tools. The documentation below covers the main options available on initial Kubeflow cluster launch.

Creating a Kubeflow Cluster from the Dashboard

Begin by selecting the Civo Region you are operating in. You can do so in the lower left of your Dashboard page:

Region selection menu

Then, navigate to the Kubeflow Cluster creation page:

Instance creation page overview

The sections give you options for the specifications of your Kubeflow Cluster.

1. Name

The name is the name of your Kubeflow Cluster. Names can only contain letters, numbers, dashes and full stops. Names must end on an alphanumeric character, not a dash or full stop.

2. Select your size

You can select the size and Kubeflow Cluster hardware specifications based on the task you want to accomplish. You can view the available sizing options here.

Sizing options may be restricted depending on your account quota and how many resources are already running in your account. See the quota documentation for more information.

The hourly/monthly slider for the pricing is purely to show the pricing equivalent at different time scales. All Civo resources are billed hourly. Read more about billing.


The minimum size for a managed Kubeflow cluster is the small size, which has the minimal resources required to run Kubeflow optimally due to its system requirements.


You can create a new firewall along with creating this Kubeflow cluster, or choose from an existing one if present in the network. Read more about firewalls on Civo.


The private network for the Kubeflow Cluster to be situated in. You can choose from the default network for your account in the current region, or if you have created networks prior to creating this Kubeflow Cluster, you can choose one of them.

Creating your Kubeflow cluster

When you are satisfied with your initial Kubeflow cluster configuration, you can click "Create" and be directed to the Kubeflow Cluster's dashboard page. It will take a moment to become active, and you will be shown the status throughout as it builds:

A Civo KF Cluster in the process of being built

Connect to Kubeflow Cluster

Now you can connect to the Kubeflow cluster using the dahboard URL shown on the Civo dashboard, after which you will be prompted to sign into the Kubeflow dashboard using your Civo credentials. Once you successfully sign in, you should be able to see the Kubeflow dashboard.

Kubeflow Dahboard Landing page

Now you can start using Civo's Kubeflow as a service!