In the words of the UFC's icon Bruce Buffer, with a 180 degree spinning announcement - "" and finally after a long beta period, we're ready to launch to the public as a whole.

The beta period has been an excellent experience for us, and of course, a great learning curve. We’ve had tremendous feedback from our early adopters (who hopefully have now become our biggest fans), but ending the beta will allow us to further invest in and grow the Civo community at a faster rate – that can only mean good things!

What has beta helped us achieve?

Where to begin? We’ve been in beta since early 2017 and if we’re honest, we expected to be post-beta by now. But we were never going to fully launch until both ourselves and our customers were completely happy that Civo is ready for the next step. Of course, in that time the team has achieved a lot!

We’ve introduced block storage , load balancers , various UX improvements to the Civo dashboard and front end – whilst some of the biggest work was behind the scenes, such as supporting multiple operating system distributions, OpenStack, and moving away from Ceph as a storage medium to NetApp's SolidFire upgrades .

But perhaps most importantly, beta has helped us better understand the needs and wants of our DevOps community, and this has always been our goal – to build the best developer-focussed cloud platform out there.

What’s coming post-beta?

First and foremost, coming out of beta means that we’re absolutely confident that Civo is production-ready. The truth is; Civo has been ready for your business-critical applications for a while now – one of our biggest clients,, a web host and domain registrar, has been using the Civo environment for their cloud products since 2017. But for us, coming out of beta meant the work and upgrades mentioned above had to be completed.

Feature-wise we’ll be looking to introduce a Kubernetes service, adding new multi-regional data centre options, and evolving our refer-a-friend further based on feedback from our users.

Thank you to all our users

All of the above wouldn’t have been possible without our beta users. Throughout the last 18 months we’ve had wonderful feedback and some enlightening chats with many of you. We especially want to express our gratitude to our Club 100 users, who tested out the platform in our very early days before the wider beta launch.

As we always say, we’re “shaped and moulded by our community”, and that continues long after we leave beta. So please continue to share your thoughts with us so we can continue to build upon and improve Civo together.