This community meetup took a deeper look into how the Civo marketplace can improve your Kubernetes workflows. Featuring some cool apps to try out, and how you can easily get involved with contributing, growing, and ultimately improving the marketplace.

As well as talks from Civo's very own Saiyam Pathak and Kai Hoffman, we were also joined by community members Steve Miller and Jürgen Etzlstorfer.

Topic included how to raise pull requests to push new apps to the marketplace for inclusion, automating tests for your apps, and a look at how Keptn can level up your CD game.

Here's the running order...

Saiyam Pathak (Director of Evangelism @ Civo)

Making Developer life easy using Civo Marketplace

Kai Hoffman (Developer Advocate @ Civo)

Steps to contributing a new app to the Civo marketplace

Steve Miller (Sr. System Engineer @ Plex System)

Automation tests and tools for your Civo marketplace

Jürgen Etzlstorfer (Community Lead @ Keptn)

Multi-stage continuous delivery with Keptn on Civo

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