For our second community meetup we focussed on using Civo for CI/CD through GitOps and Github actions for cloud native application development

This installment featured talks from our CTO Andy, our Developer Advocate Kai, and guest talks from community members Sam Weston and Johannes Tegnér.

The talks touched on a wide variety of topics within CI/CD, from automating builds to monitoring and observability.

Here's what was on the agenda...

Andy Jeffries (CTO @ Civo)

CI on Kubernetes with GitHub Actions

Johannes Tegnér (Founder @ Jitesoft)

CD - The process of automatic deploys

Sam Weston (DevOps Eng @ Pulse Live)

Monitoring k3s the easy way with Prometheus Operator

Kai Hoffman (Developer Advocate @ Civo)

Auditing your infrastructure as code setups

Once again we held a Q&A session at the end of the talks to wrap things up.

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