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Deleting object stores

Object stores accrue charges based on their size, which are billed to your account. If you no longer require an object store, you can delete it to prevent further charges.


Object store deletion destroys all objects (files) within the store. There is no way to recover these files if the object store is deleted.

You can delete an object store from your account by navigating to the listing of object stores and selecting "Delete store" from the Action column:

Object store deletion menu

This will prompt you to confirm the name of the store to be deleted as a security measure:

Object store deletion confirmation

All files and the object store itself will be deleted as soon as you confirm this step, so make sure you only do this if you have recovered all files you may need.

You will then be able to delete any credentials that were assigned to the object store.


Note that you cannot delete credentials that are assigned to active object stores - the store itself must be deleted before the credential can be removed.