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Civo tools


Your account on Civo, and resources running within your account, can be managed with a variety of tools besides the web interface centered around your Civo Dashboard. This section covers information on setting up the Civo command-line interface (CLI) and Terraform, an infrastructure-as-code tool.

Civo CLI

The Civo CLI is a command-line interface that allows you to create, manage and delete resources such as Kubernetes clusters and instances through the Civo API programmatically through your terminal. Civo CLI is open-source.

See this further documentation on the installation and set-up of the Civo CLI, or you can find the Civo/CLI repository on GitHub.

To quickly install the latest version of the CLI you can run:

curl -sL | sh


Civo has a Terraform provider, which can be found in the GitHub Civo/terraform-provider-civo repository.

Refer to the Civo Terraform documentation on getting set up.