Civo CLI has global options that can be used in conjunction with all commands. The options list can be printed by running civo --help and consists of:

--config string   config file (default is $HOME/.civo.json)

The Civo configuration file to use, specified by path. This is initially generated in your home directory as .civo.json but can be customised and specified here.

-f, --fields string   output fields for custom format output

Used to select fields for results output. Each subcommand has its own list of fields, which you can find by using the -h switch. You can specify one or more fields from that list, giving you control of what to display.

-h, --help

Help and command documentation. You can use the -h or --help switch with any subcommand to find out the options and fields available for that command.

-o, --output string   output format (json/human/custom) (default "human")

Used to specify the format of output from the CLI. Defaults to human-readable but can be customised or output as json format for machine reading.

--pretty          Print pretty the json output

Pretty-printing JSON output for ease of human reading.

--region string

Choose the region to connect to, from the region codes obtained from the results of civo region ls.

If you use this option, it will override the default/current region determined in the configuration file, but only for the specified command.

-y, --yes

Automatic yes to prompts; assume "yes" as answer to all prompts and run non-interactively. Useful when scripting.