Networks provide isolation for your instances, separating groups of instances used for different purposes.

Networks are region-specific: if you create a network in one Civo region it will not be visible in another.

In order to create a new network, start by going to Manage > Networks in your account. Make sure you are creating the network in the region where you need it.

Once you click on Create network, you will be able to give it a name:

Create a new network dialog

Once you hit "Create" it will appear in the list, allowing you to group instances to it.

An image showing a custom network called "Demo" along with the Actions menu on Civo

After the network is created you can create resources that share the network, and can route to each other internally. YOu will be able to choose the network in the instance creation step like in the image below:

Network, IP address and firewall options for Civo instances