In this engaging talk by Oliver Pinson Roxburgh, a cybersecurity expert with over 20 years of experience, attendees gained insights into the world of hacking and learned how to think like a hacker. Oliver introduced, a company that helps businesses enhance their cybersecurity through services like penetration testing and consulting.

The talk focused on container best practices and cybersecurity fundamentals, offering valuable information on how to improve security measures. Oliver shared stories that illustrated the challenges and techniques used by hackers before attendees were invited to participate in a hack challenge, where they could try to identify an "impossible hack" for a chance to win a prize.

Additionally, the talk touched upon the history of hacking, emphasizing the shift from purely disruptive motives to financial gain, as well as emerging concerns in areas such as IoT security. Oliver highlighted the importance of being prepared for security breaches and the significance of monitoring systems for vulnerabilities.

Overall, the talk provided attendees with actionable insights, encouraging them to adopt a proactive mindset in cybersecurity and empowering them to enhance their organization's defenses against evolving threats.