100% Uptime Guarantee

We've built in resilience at every level of our platform, so we're confident we give you maximum uptime. We also know that things can sometimes go wrong in any technology stack – and if anybody says otherwise, they're probably lying – so we’ve come up with a generous SLA policy that we think is more than reasonable.

How to claim


Notice there was an outage

You've just woken up, or checked the site during the day and found there is a problem.


Take no action

With our proactive monitoring systems, we'll have already been alerted to platform issues and will already be on the case.


See a credit in your account

We'll automatically give you a credit for 10x the amount you'd have paid for all affected services.


Platform issues only

If your instance breaks because of your changes, automatic updates or just through general software problems, obviously that's not our fault. The SLA covers platform issues only: literally the parts of the stack that are either OpenStack or our specific Civo.com website and API.

Planned and notified outages excluded

There may be times when we're upgrading the platform. We will try to always give at least 72 hours' notice of upgrades, but there may be urgent security updates or emergency stability updates that need applying, so we may not always be able to give that amount of notice. Anyway, if we tell you ahead of time, there won't be a credit for the outage. Of course, we'll try to keep these to a minimum.

Credit Limit

The amount we'll credit you in any given month is limited to the amount you pay for services. We've been running OpenStack for over a year in production with only planned downtime for maintenance/upgrades so are confident that this is a fair policy.