Okteto Enterprise

Thank you for deploying Okteto Enterprise to Civo's Kubernetes service.

Okteto Enterprise gives you Development Environments for your Cloud Native Apps, powered by Kubernetes.

Obtain access

  • Go to your Civo dashboard, click Kubernetes and then your Okteto Enterprise Cluster.
  • Look for the DNS entry that you find there, it may look something like 69ee7142-9a57-4401-bf07-13d8b587af14.k8s.civo.com
  • Open your browser, and go to https://okteto.69ee7142-9a57-4401-bf07-13d8b587af14.k8s.civo.com, replacing the DNS entry with yours.
  • To login, you'll need to provide an access token. The token will be available from Civo's dashboard.

Learn more at https://okteto.com/enterprise.