Fission is a fast, open source serverless framework for Kubernetes with a focus on developer productivity and high performance.

Configure Kubernetes access with CLI

List Kubernetes Clusters with civo k8s ls and select the cluster you want to connect to.

Download the Kubernetes cluster config and use it to connect with cluster.

civo k8s config --save <cluster-name>

Access the cluster with kubectl:

kubectl config use-context <cluster-name>
kubectl get node

Fission CLI

Refer steps in Fission documentation to install Fission CLI.

Once the Fission CLI is installed, you can use it to create and manage Fission functions and other resources.

Sample Node.js function

# Add the stock NodeJS env to your Fission deployment
$ fission env create --name nodejs --image fission/node-env

# A javascript function that prints "hello world"
$ curl -LO

# Upload your function code to fission
$ fission function create --name hello-js --env nodejs --code hello.js

# Test your function.  This takes about 100msec the first time.
$ fission function test --name hello-js
Hello, world!

For other languages refer documentation.

Next Steps