People use tags for all different purposes, so we couldn't predict what you'd use them for. We definitely knew that you'd want some method of applying tags to instances though.


A common usage for tags is to apply labels for things like environment, application, type of server, user. An easy way of differentiating these tags is to use a colon in the tag name. Like this:


Here you can see that we've applied four tags, but they have so much more meaning than just "database".

If you're using the My Account section of our website you can see them when you view an instance or search for them using the top bar. If you're using the command line client you can search for them on the command line like this (we've trimmed some of the fields so it's not too wide for the guide):

$ civo instances -t env:production
|    ID    |            Name            |   Size    |              Tags              |
| ec103e12 |            | g1.xsmall | app:our-dot-com,               |
|          |                            |           | env:production, type:database, |
|          |                            |           | user:bobby-drop-tables         |

If you have any other ways you're using tags, please get in touch and let us know!