Every so often it's natural that a mistake will be made and an instance will either need to be wiped back to its factory state (just the bare operating system) or restored to a previously taken snapshot.

With the way OpenStack works by default, it has native functionality to handle this situation, but if you go to a separate storage provider that gives you completely separate root volumes attached to new instances, you need to work around this. So, the natural solution to this problem is just to create a new instance either from scratch or from a snapshot. However, it would then get a new public IP address and all of the DNS entries pointing to the old instance would be out of date. Changing them through Civo is quick enough, but the way DNS works these would be cached all over the world.

So an easier way is to create a new instance but move the public IP over. Civo customers have always been able to do this, but recently we've taken the step to make it easier from the UI.

When you click on the "Create instance" button from the instances list, you will be presented with three options:

Screenshot 2019-02-14 at 13.22.10.png

"None" means to not create a public IP for this instance at all (entirely private). "Create" means to allocate a public IP and assign it to this instance and the new "Move from..." will allow you to chose one of your existing instances to move the IP from:

Screenshot 2019-02-14 at 13.22.04.png

After this the old instance will still be running, but will no long have the public IP address pointing to it (and you can delete it when required).