All instances (except CoreOS) on Civo come with a small daemon installed to monitor the usage statistics (because OpenStack doesn't come with an easy/reliable way to do it from outside the instance). Some people don't like this extra process running so they kill it or disable it or remove the script that starts it on system reboot.


We have no problem with this at all - it's not important to us!

However, customers then contact us and ask why the usage statistics aren't being reported on their dashboard anymore. So to get it back is really easy. Just SSH to your instance and run the following command as root (note: if curl isn't installed you need to install this via your OS's package manager):

curl -s | /bin/bash

This relies on you still having your /etc/civostatsd file still in place which contains your instance's unique token. If you've removed that file too, please get in touch using the live chat icon on the bottom right of any page.

After this, within a few minutes your statistics should be reported on your dashboard again.


If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us. Again, live chat is the easiest way and we'd love to hear from you.