You can create multiple NodePools for your workloads once you have initialised your Civo Kubernetes cluster right from the dashboard.

Check out our guide on creating your Civo Kubernetes cluster using the Dashboard, Civo CLI, and Terraform.

Once you have your cluster up and running, your dashboard should something like this:

Creating a new Node Pool

You can view and manage the existing NodePools information here. Click on "Create new pool" to create a new node pool in your Kubernetes cluster:

Here you can select the number of nodes in the pool along with the node pool sizes. Here you can also select the hourly or monthly rate and can see the total node pool cost:

Click on "Create node pool" and your nodes should be creating now:

That's it! Your new pool should be up and running like this:

You can create more pools, remove individual nodes from the pool, scale Up/Down your nodes, and much more!