You can add your SSH keys to your Civo account and use them to log in to Civo instances that have the key associated with them.

In order to add your SSH key, go to the Manage > SSH Keys section in your account and add your SSH key.

Generating a new SSH key

If you do not yet have an SSH key, you can use the ssh-keygen command on your system to generate an SSH key pair.

SSH keygen creation shown on the terminal

Adding an SSH key to your Civo account

Once you have a generated key, you can copy the public key to add to your Civo account in the SSH keys section:

Adding a SSH key called "demo"

This will be then stored as a named key in your account:

SSH Keys list on Civo, showing a key called Demo and its fingerprint

Creating an instance with our SSH key

Let's create an instance and use the Demo key we just created:

Civo instance creation options, with section 8, SSH key showing the selection of the "Demo" key

Running instance page showing SSH information for our instance, with username root and associated SSH key

Now that the instance is ready, let's try to log in using the private key that was generated above and corresponds to the public key we stored on Civo.

ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa root@

Successful login to our instance with our SSH key