We host reverse DNS for all instances automatically. If you'd like to manage forward (normal) DNS for your domains, you can do that for free within your account.

This section is effectively split in to two parts: 1) Managing domain names themselves, and 2) Managing records within those domain names.

We don't offer registration of domains names, this is purely for hosting the DNS. If you're looking to buy a domain name, we recommend for their excellent friendly support and very competitive prices.

Set Up a New Domain

Any user can add a domain name (that has been registered elsewhere) to be managed by You should adjust the nameservers of your domain (through your registrar) to point to and

The command to set up a new domain is civo domain create domainname:

$ civo domain create
Created a domain called with ID 418181b2-fcd2-46a2-ba7f-c843c331e79b

You can then proceed to add DNS records to this domain.

List Domain Names

To see your created domains, call civo domain list:

$ civo domain list
| ID                                   | Name            |
| 418181b2-fcd2-46a2-ba7f-c843c331e79b | |

Deleting a Domain

If you choose to delete a domain, you can call civo domain remove domain_id and have the system immediately remove the domain and any associated DNS records. This removal is immediate, so use with caution.

Creating a DNS Record

A DNS record creation command takes a number of options in the format civo domain record create domain_id [options] and the options are this.

-n, --name string    the name of the record
-p, --priority int   the priority of record only for MX record
-t, --ttl int        The TTL of the record (default 600)
-e, --type string    type of the record (A, CNAME, TXT, SRV, MX)
-v, --value string   the value of the record

Usage is as follows:

$ civo domain record create -n www -t 600 -e A -v

Created a record www1 for with a TTL of 600 seconds and with a priority of 0 with ID 4e181dde-bde8-4744-8984-067f957a7d59

Listing DNS Records

You can get an overview of all records you have created for a particular domain by requesting civo domain record list

$ civo domain record list
| ID                                   | Type | Name                | Value       | TTL  | Priority |
| 4e181dde-bde8-4744-8984-067f957a7d59 | A    | | | 1000 | 0        |

Deleting a DNS Record

You can remove a particular DNS record from a domain you own by requesting civo domain record remove record_id. This immediately removes the associated record, so use with caution:

$ civo domain record remove 4e181dde-bde8-4744-8984-067f957a7d59
The domain record called www with ID 4e181dde-bde8-4744-8984-067f957a7d59 was deleted