The past couple of weeks have flown by! So I wanted to take opportunity to update everyone on what's been going on with us.

First off let me welcome our first batch of beta users, known as our Club 100, to the site. After building the system for the past (too many) months, it's great to have people we don't know on the site. The feedback so far has been really great, lots of compliments about the look and the performance, some nice feature requests too!

Network issues

For those of you who are in Club 100, you may have noticed that we had some issues that stopped you getting in to your instances via SSH. These seem to have been caused by a setting in OpenStack (deployed via Ansible) which is required for huge installations (so is recommended everywhere to be enabled). Due to a bug/conflict with the Linux Kernel, this caused about 20-25% of our Linux network bridges to not work (although the Kernel thought they were setup, they weren't working or listable).

We finally managed to turn off this setting last week, but rebooting the nodes carefully one by one didn't resolve the problem (and failing over between our Neutron nodes was taking around 30 minutes). So earlier this week we changed the setting again and rebooted all the nodes. This fixed the problem with regards to Linux bridges disappearing and also now means that Neutron failover takes the time for 2 ping packets to be dropped rather than 30 minutes. Really pleased with our cloud team for getting this resolved, it was causing major headaches all around!

Snapshot pricing

One of our Club 100 suggested that our snapshot pricing wasn't very competitive. We don't want to be in a race to the bottom price point, instead concentrating on building the best platform for developers. However, we looked and felt like we could wiggle some on price; so now snapshots are 50% of the price we launched with them at (5p/GB/month on an allocated space basis). We can't always drop our prices, but we want to be fair when we can.

Two-factor authentication

Our number one requested feature during the first week of beta was supporting Two-factor authentication when logging in to We're pleased that we've got this working now and it's an option for all account holders to enable under Settings -> Security.

Feature suggestions

Every time one of our users suggested something, we added as an issue internally using the awesome GitLab product. We then updated it with comments when other users suggested something. We had a feel for how often something was requested, but finding out the exact answer was a pain! We knew we wanted to have something on the site where users can suggest features (and comment/vote on them, so we knew which ones to work on first), so got this built as a matter of priority. It's live now, check it out in the sidebar of your account:


There's lots more to come in the coming weeks. If you're a Club 100 member - thank you for your feedback so far and amazing compliments! If you're, not a Club 100 member there's still time to apply to our beta as we have a couple of spaces remaining..