If you’ve been with us since the beginning, this blog post may feel a little bit like groundhog day... because yes, we’ve had a referral system in place previously.

However, thanks to some great feedback from our community we were able to recognise that the original version wasn’t flexible enough for our users.

So RAF 2.0 moves away from being an invite-based referral system, to a good-old tried and tested referral link model.

How does it work?

Very similar to most referral schemes you may’ve used before; except we reward you with cash - up to $40 per referral! The cash rewards you receive work on a tiered scale – so the more successful referrals you generate, the more you’ll earn each time. The tiered reward scale stars at $20 per referral, all the way up to $40.

Refer a friend rates

The referral process is simple…

  1. Share your referral link

    Get sharing your referral link far and wide. The more you refer, the more you earn!

  2. Your referral signs up to Civo and launches a cluster

    To qualify as a completed referral, anyone you refer needs to be accepted into the #KUBE100 beta, and launch a cluster.

  3. You receive a cash reward

    Once a referral is complete, we’ll add it towards your monthly reward total. This is paid out the following month.

That’s it.

Other new features include a stats page so you can track clicks and completed referrals, as well as some Civo branded banners to share online.

Refer-a-friend stats

Spread the word and earn

If you're a KUBE100 member, the new refer-a-friend page is live and ready to use in your Civo dashboard as of today: https://www.civo.com/account/referrals

So long as you keep sharing your link and helping grow our community, we’ll get those cash rewards out to you – there’s no limit on how much you can earn.

Full terms available inside your refer-a-friend dashboard.