As you may know already, amongst a tonne of other stuff like new features, updates and the odd fix here and there, we’ve been working on our refer-a-friend scheme.

Built from the ground up we wanted to ensure the system is a breeze to use, and of course, make it as rewarding as possible for our existing customers.

To the important stuff: What do you get?

For every friend you successfully refer, you’ll get £50 credited to your balance. Any friends, family, associates, casual acquaintances, or enemies you invite will not only get exclusive early access to Civo, but they’ll also get £150 credited to their balance when they spend their first £20 with us.

Best of all, there’s no limit to how many people you can invite, and how much credit you can earn.

It works like this…


How to get started

Head on over to the refer-a-friend section of your Civo account and scroll down to the invite section. From here you can invite multiple friends at once, and track the progress of any of your previous invites.

The “Friends Referred” area makes it easy to see the total credit you’ve earned to date, and where your friends are in the sign-up process – feel free to give them a gentle reminder if they’re dragging their heels ;)


Go forth and do our bidding

It’s early days for Civo, but already we’re seeing our fledgling community growing into something special. We have some wonderfully talented users helping us during our beta period, so as we expand we thought it made sense to have you guys help us identify and invite the next batch of Civo beta testers.

And we’re giving away free credit. Everyone likes free credit right?

As always we’re keen to hear your feedback, so be sure send over your comments via chat, email, or social.